“Turning Heads” – wall hanging

“Turning Heads”¬† (SOLD)

He may not always be welcome, but he certainly knows how to turn heads!

This mosaic has been made almost entirely from crockery. The background is a mix of crockery and ceramic tiles. It’s a rustic piece of mosaic art suitable for indoors or should be protected from moisture such as under a verandah.

Framed approx. 70cm x 50cm. Weight approx. 6kg.

“Blue-faced honeyeater” – Wall hanging

Blue-faced honeyeaters are now regular visitors to our garden, searching for nectar and insects.

This mosaic features crockery, ceramic tile and bead on MDF board. Approx 30cm x 30cm unframed and has a chain on back for hanging. Suitable for indoors or protect from moisture.

You can view this mosaic in my studio at North East Artisans in Benalla, Vic.

“The early bird” – Wall hanging


Magpies are welcome residents of our property. They bring their young to the house to snack on dry cat biscuits when they get the opportunity, but worms are still a favourite staple.

Mosaic on framed board. Wire on back for hanging. Features glass tiles. Suitable for indoors. For sale – Please contact me directly.

“Superb View” – Wall hanging

Oh how i love our dear little superb fairy wrens! Our neighbours paddocks are bathed in vibrant canola during the Spring but the fairy wrens usually like to stay close to the house amongst the protective shrubbery.

Mosaic on framed board. Wire on back for hanging. Features glass tiles and salvaged barbed wire. Suitable for indoors. For sale  Рplease contact me directly.