Caring for your Mosaic

Mosaics intended for Indoors on wooden backing boards should not be exposed to damp/wet conditions such as in bathrooms or outdoors. Not all adhesives used are water proof, but also timber may swell/warp and cause tessarae to seperate from the backing. If you wish to place an indoor mosaic outside, please ensure it is undercover and protected from moisture (such as under a verandah).

My mosaics on bases such as cement sheet, glass, metal, concrete, teracotta, rock/stone are suitable for outdoors unless otherwise specified, and will withstand most weather conditions. I have heard that freezing can cause damage to mosaics although I have many mosaics outdoors where I receive moderate frost conditions in Winter and have seen no significant changes to date. But please be aware that very heavy frosts and snow may cause some tesserae/grout to crack. I use a good quality flexible polymer adhesive on many of my mosaics – this is especially helpful on metal bases which can expand and contract in the heat/cold.

If cleaning is required, wipe over mosaics with a soft damp cloth. Do not submerge mosaics (unless intended for that purpose eg. birdbaths). I don’t recommend the use of harsh chemicals and you should never place mosaics in the dishwasher.

It is my hope that the mosaics I create will last indefinately. I use quality adhesives and grout and compared to cheap imported garden ornaments, my mosaics are very hardy; but like most outdoor items you should expect changes in appearance and wear and tear over time. Grout may discolour, some tessarae colours may fade from the sun, metal may rust and mirror or salvaged items such as jewellery may also deteriorate over time. There is also the possibilty that grout may crack and tesserae may become dislodged over a period of time depending on location/useage. Bird baths may need more vigorous scrubbing to keep clean which may eventually result in the dislodgement of grout or tiles.

My Mosaic Baubles are made using exterior grade polymer adhesive on a foam core. They are intended for indoors only. If you decide to hang them outdoors on a fishing line string (eg. as a suncatcher) – just keep in mind that swinging caused by breezey conditions will eventually weaken the hook which is glued into the foam core – also, if the bauble repeatedly hits other objects as it swings, it will cause pieces to dislodge from the foam. I have several hanging outside and they are lovely!

Please be aware of sharp edges which may be present on some mosaics. Please also be aware that large areas of smooth surface (eg. crockery or glazed tiles) on pavers/stepping stones may become slippery.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about caring for your mosaic.

I hope you enjoy your piece of unique mosaic art!

Deb Dodd