“Add Two Cups” Wall Hanging/Planter

“Add Two Cups” (SOLD)

The wonderful half pudding bowl in this mosaic could be used to hold a potted plant – there is a small hole in the base for drainage. I could imagine a lovely trailing plant cascading over the sides.

The backing board is cement sheet and an exterior grade polymer adhesive has been used making it suitable for outdoors. It is designed to be attached directly to a wall (remove temporary hanger).

Please note that the 2 half cups, half pudding bowl and the ceramic pieces which extend beyond the backing board make this piece more fragile than a typical mosaic – handle with care – may not be suitable for postage.

Measures approximately 45cm x 30cm.

“Sweet Lavender Tea”

“Sweet Lavender Tea” (SOLD)

Each one of my teapot planters is unique.

I have added a small plant in a removable pot. It is recommended that holes are drilled in the bottom of the teapot if you wish to plant directly rather than using the removable plant pot.

Alternatively, you could remove the pot plant and use the teapot as a trinket pot or ornamental teapot.

Please note: The adhesive used on all my metal teapot planters is an exterior grade flexible polymer adhesive.

“Turning Heads” – wall hanging

“Turning Heads”  (SOLD)

He may not always be welcome, but he certainly knows how to turn heads!

This mosaic has been made almost entirely from crockery. The background is a mix of crockery and ceramic tiles. It’s a rustic piece of mosaic art suitable for indoors or should be protected from moisture such as under a verandah.

Framed approx. 70cm x 50cm. Weight approx. 6kg.